The use of FE numerical simulation in the process of CAE "(Computer Aided Engineering") brings benefits for the design development. As a matter of fact, a simulation of several configurations for a bracket, for instance, usually is cheaper than the try-out-error process. The best option that numerical simulation achieves can be turned to a prototype physical construction, saving money and time.

This means that we are not rejecting the physical test phase, which is fundamental to check the entire process, since the design until the assembly of the components. FE analysis is an over tested tool that allow us to get a better prototype.

In this context, GAC provides the following simulation services for systems and / or components:

  • static linear analysis;
  • dynamics analysis under general loads;
  • durability analysis;
  • meshing development;
  • physical, geometric and boundary conditions non-linear analysis;
  • development of design criteria for durability analysis.