GAC is a company with more than 20 years of experience in structural analysis using numerical simulation, remarkably by Finite Element Method(FE). GAC can also offer training to engineers and CAD designers that want to get expertise on FE analysis.

The company is composed by FE skilled people, engineers and CAD designers, with great experience in the development and the analysis of products for automotive, aerospace and naval industries. Download our porftolio Portfolio_GAC

Main Clients: MWM-International, FortLev, Eisenmann, VW, Vibromaq, Tropical Bioenergia, Siemens, etc.
Ademar de Azevedo Cardoso.

  • Naval Architect by Polytechnic School of University of Sao Paulo;
  • M.Sc. Naval Engineering (structures / optimization / artificial intelligence) by Polytechnic School of University of Sao Paulo;
  • D.Sc. Naval Engineering (structures / welded joints / numerical simulation) by Polytechnic School of University of Sao Paulo; Resumé
  • More than 25 years using numerical simulation for structural analysis;
  • Adjunct Professor at FAAP Engineering School - Sao Paulo;
  • Reseacher engineer in projects for the Brazilian Navy and Petrobrás Oil Company for more than 10 years in the Department of Naval Engineering of the University of São Paulo;
  • Several analysis and development of structures for MWM-International, Ford, VW, Daimler, FIAT, VOLVO, CNH, etc;
  • Engine structural projects: "power-train" analysis, coupled temperature/tensions analysis, dynamic analysis for components such cylinder head, engine block, crankshaft, oil-pane, etc;
  • Design of ship structure under Classification Societies and/or racional approach;
  • Fatigue analysis of welded components: cycle counting, cumulative damage, etc.
  • Simulation of vehicle plastic components: quarter trim, package-tray, inner panels, etc;
  • Meshing development for 2D and 3D geometries;
  • Training for designers and engineers: Finite element theory, fatigue analysis, material strength, statistics for engineering.